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Glezed lava stone tables


Furnish or renew its home or garden according to our tastes is important, in our habitat every element must be suitable to our needs and lifestyle.

In each social environment the table is the central element of our furnishings and is also the symbol of daily life.

In our home or out in the garden, the table is the place where we meet with our family or friends to share the life of every day and to making important decisions.

"This is not a common element and for this we must be able to choose a long lasting and high quality special table which reflects our taste."

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Shapes and sizes for all your needs


Due to our experience in lava stone processing by years we produce lava stone tables for all your needs, for indoor and garden furniture all entirely hand-painted by ceramic masters.

You have to choose the shape, the size and the decorative design, all that you need to have a unique and exclusive table.

The shapes of our tables adapt to all environments: round, oval, rectangular and even custom shapes according to your needs.

"The lava stone tables are available in different sizes and with custom decorations".

Tables resistant, long lasting and easy to clean


Thanks to the extraordinary properties of the material, the glazed lava stone is practically immune to weathering, so you can place your table outdoor without fear of damaging it because of bad weather.

The ceramization of lava stone takes place at around 950 °C, this process makes the stone unalterable by time, and resistant to the mechanical action, temperature changes, and chemical agents.

"When it's time to clean your lava stone table , you can simply use a cloth on the surface and that's it, the table returns as new ready to serve you."

Custom tables painted by decorator masters


The decorative design is the most important aspect for the eye of those who see a work of this type.

Together with our master decorators you can choose the décor or the fantasy that best suits your tastes and together we can design and plan the perfect decoration for you.

"Avoid having an anonymous table is a sign of style that allows you to stand out and enhances the environment in which you live."

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