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Eternal artworks in lavic stone


Arrived in the laboratory the plate is prepared to become table, vanity tops, kitchen tops or simple design element.

The stone's substrate is sprinkled with a layer of ceramic glaze, with a thickness of about three millimeters, and left to dry at least 12 hours.

This is followed by decoration's step. Thanks to the great knowledge of the ceramic tradition of Caltagirone his masters decorators make the artifact alive with their art performing extraordinary and unique decorations, according to the tastes and customer suggestions.

All decorations are painted strictly handmade, as tradition dictates.

The last stage, equally important, is the cooking step where lava stone will be fired by our kilns. The process is executed around at thousand degrees and last about 24 hours. At the end we have created the ceramic product. Now the glaze and the bright color of the decoration are one with lavic stone.

The beauty and strength of the products produced in this way remains unquestionable!

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