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Wood-burning storage stoves in lava stone


The modular and storage stoves made by ILS are unique, entirely covered with Vizzini's lava stones provide, thanks to the special properties of materials, high efficiency and significant energy savings.

The fireplace and the recycling flue are in marine basalt lava by 42 mm of thickness and cylindrical in shape all enclosed in a COR-TEN steel shell from 30/10 mm in turn covered in marine basalt lava of 42 mm thickness.

The storage heating system releases the heat by radiation very slowly. On request it is possible to turn it into a natural convection system.

"Millions of years and is still here, the basaltic lava is an eternal stone with unique properties."

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Customizable lava-stone wood stoves


Our storage heating stoves are available in many shapes, colors and with beautiful decorations made exclusively by hand by skilled master decorators of Caltagirone.

You can also request customized stoves as needed, from the decor to the glazing so these personal variations make your stove a unique and exclusive heater.

"A lava-stone stove is a technical and aesthetic jewel set in your home. Thanks to the quality and longevity of the used materials, you buy the stove once in your life and will be handed down for generations".

An homogeneous warmth with a few wood loads

Stoves Comparsion 1

Our stoves require 2 or 3 daily loads, depending on the model, to provide the heat necessary to maintain the environment warm and comfortable thanks to the heat accumulated during combustion.

The wood inside the stove will burn for about an hour by transferring energy both in the external environment (through the glass) that to the lava stone.

The lava stone will release heat acquired by combustion very slowly also at the end of combustion then, in about six hours, the lava stone will keep an homogeneous warmth by radiating in the environment the stored heat.

So, the stove should not be recharged right away at end of the combustion because the lava stone full of heat will release it gently over time.

For recharging your stove just respect the time intervals indicated on the data sheet.

Stove type: double. Perfect for sports fan!


Our glazed stoves of the "double" collection, are perfect to be decorated with the colors of your favorite team.

You only have to tell us what are your favorite team's colors. These are the special colors you have known by forever and that, in any game, make tremble strong your heart by emotion and cheer for every goal and every victory of your team.

Two, three or four colors? There is no problem, together we will decide how to organize them by transforming your stove in a glowing flag ready to heat your home and your great passion for the sport.

Building technology

  • The primary and secondary air inlet system allows a better quality of combustion

  • Most amount of burned carbon monoxide (CO), less smoke and more heat

  • Due the modular construction, for our stoves, we do not use glue or hazardous materials

  • Strict tests ensures greater performance and safety

  • The whole system is extremely quiet and doesn't need any connection with electrical equipment

"Assembly is easy, fast and clean thanks to a unique joints system. Only few hours and the stove is ready."

Compare ILS stove models

Max wood load (Kg) 4,5 6 8
Power with a charge (Kw) 13 15 22
Max power (Kw/h) 2,2 2,5 2,8 4,8
Charging interval 6/8 hours 5/6 hours 7/9 hours 7/9 hours
m³ heatable* up to 373 up to 431 up to 632 up to 948
Custom hand-decorated** yes no yes yes
Sizes (mm) *** 676 x 1080 x 653 mm 810 x 1340 x 750 mm 776 x 1280 x 752 mm 876 x 1480 x 848 mm
Shape circular rectangular circular

* estimation made with optimal thermal coefficient of 30 Kcal / mc (for more info visit the FAQ page)
** only for glazed stoves
*** sizes vary slightly depending on the model

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