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Our Company


The ILS Group LTD was founded in 1996 to follow a dynamic and innovative way the recovery in demand in the construction industry, furniture and give new impetus to the production and sale of products in basalt lava.

The ILS reflects the heritage of craft activity launched in 1930 by Mr. Gregorio Gilistro and honours the long experience of Gilistro family in the quarry, cutting and processing of basalt, starting in 1997 a production line and consolidating, in the first year of activity, the role of leader on the territory.

Today, ILS is a company developing operating in regional and national business, with a strong orientation towards the European market.

The company has, with the unit's productive development and the internationalization of the market, to offer more job opportunities in the area of Vizzini directly and in the service sector.

Centuries of experience


From a workshop of three by five meters to a ten thousand square meters plant with adjoining square.

It is the dream of lavic stone that from Vizzini, in the province of Catania, reaches around the world, arriving even in Paris, Germany and Switzerland, becoming reality.

This is the Antonino Gilistro's story, experienced businessman with extensive experience. It is a story of determination and courage, that allowed turned that a few meters room in a company which now has several advanced machinery for the lavic stone processing.

A progressive growth of the Antonino's company, until the consolidation of international relations, and very important patents related to ecological and high efficiency lavic stone stoves.

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