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Lava rock artworks

Unique and timeless pieces

volcanic stone for public and home furnishing


Street furniture

The lava stone of the iblei mountains is the material compatible with the historic centres: it is non-slip and easily absorb sunlight, thus avoiding unpleasant effects of refraction.
Indestructible, requires no maintenance. The commissioning installation is simple and does not require specialized labor...

Home and Garden furniture

Enameled lava stone is the ideal material for the home. Withstands bumps and scratches, does not stain, it does not greasy, resists the limestone is acid-resistant and requires no special maintenance for cleaning.
The characteristics of the material allow endless uses...

High efficiency wood stoves

Taking advantage of the incredible storage capacities, thermal conductivity and processability of basalt, together with the experience and tradition taught and passed down from stove masters, here are the modular storage from the returns unthinkable...

Shops and public spaces furniture

The lava rock provides a variety of solutions for consoles, floors and walls. It is made in lava stone features easy to clean, customizable with decorations or under its own brand, suitable for any project requirement...

Home Furnishings

glazed and entirely hand painted

Last productions


Glazed ceramic productions

we are equipped for the whole production cycle

from monolith to artwork

  • Extraction
  • Processing
  • Ceramization
The quarry of Basalt Lava Vizzini allows you to sample basalt just under 10-15 cm of earth. Why does not pollute environment and landscape with great digs, but it makes the arable land on which it operated. Before extraction of the lava stone you need to choose the monoliths controlling their compactness... (Continue reading)
The basalt monoliths lava after extraction are transferred and stored in the company to be cut and processed according to the production programs. The cutting of the monoliths is carried out with special machines blades, first into homogeneous blocks, and then in plates of variable thickness according to the formats... (Continue reading)
Arrived in the laboratory the plate is prepared to become the table, vanity tops, kitchen tops or simple design element. The stone substrate is sprinkled with a layer of ceramic glaze, with a thickness of about three millimetres, and left to dry at least 12 hours...(Continue reading)


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